Frequently Asked Questions

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Quantities depend on individual situations. Please give us a call to discuss your specific desires.
YES - Valerie Travers has a wide range of styles and fabrics - allowing you the flexibility to work with us to design a unique style for your business / organisation.
As a general rule Yes depending on the quantities you require. It is nice to have you involved in the design process.

However, some of our clients find if they have a smaller volume requirement that it is more economical to choose from Valerie Travers' existing extensive range of styles.

Please have a chat to our team about your specific desires. We aim to be as flexible as possible within your business' budget constraints.
Depending on the volume you require, Valerie Travers can certainly design a garment to suit your team's needs.

Yes - you are also welcome to provide us with your own design for our team to follow, however, please note we ask you initially to allow our manufacturing team the opportunity to assess at their discretion whether your design can be applied to our manufacturing process and material(s) chosen.
Working on averages - generally between 2 and 6 weeks depending on the availability of chosen fabric(s) and the volume you are ordering.

When quoting your specific project, our team are generally able to more precisely indicate timing once we have all finalised exact requirements.

Our Overall aim : Offer you a flexible LOCAL manufacturing point, saving the need to outsource overseas, which in itself can lead to extensive delays just in shipping the products back to Australia.

Valerie Travers offers IN-HOUSE manufacturing options right here in Adelaide, South Australia!

Where Valerie Travers' manufacturing team determine a fitting is required, we will arrange a convenient time for your team to visit our facilities for a personalised fitting.
Most frequently, we request a 50% deposit at time of order placement, with the balance payable at time of delivery.

However, certain situations may vary this requirement. We will confirm this with you as we prepare your quotation.
Our capabilities are really very diverse. However we offer the following list as an indication of the most popular styles our clients often request:-
  • Ladies Shirts and Blouses
  • Ladies Skirts, Pants and Jackets
  • Culottes
  • Ladies Shorts
  • Mens Business Shirts and Trousers
  • Cargo Pants / Shorts
  • Workwear Shirts
  • Specialist shirts with Safety Reflective Tape
  • Aprons
Please contact us to discuss your business' specific needs ... we're confident we can assist you.