Corporate Uniform Ordering

Valerie Travers offers your business fast and convenient options to order & reorder your set of custom uniform pieces 24 hours a day, any day of the year, right here on our website.

We create for your business your own secure, password accessed catalogue of uniforms, exclusively visible by your authorised team members.

This is a Free Service offered to Valerie Travers corporate uniform customers.

Step 1 - Develop your Corporate Uniform
Contact Valerie Travers’ experienced styling team to discuss clothing options that best suit your business.

We can personalise a full set of uniform choices (including embroidery / screen printing options). Full quotations can be provided to help you choose a practical set of choices for both women and men ... including:

  • Formal uniforms
  • Casual pieces
  • Industrial Workwear
  • Safety wear items

Step 2 - Online Catalogue Set-up
Once you have chosen all of your uniform pieces, Valerie Travers will set up your own Password Accessed online catalogue. Your team can then access this catalogue from any internet connected computer worldwide. Always up-to-date with the current choices.

Step 3 – Password Access Set-up
Valerie Travers will issue your Business with a Master Password to enable your Management Team to access your catalogue by logging in at the Top of the Left Hand Column of this website.

Step 4 – Staff Member Individual Passwords (optional)
Your business can then choose to add individual staff members to your account. They can be issued their own personal usernames and passwords. If a staff member leaves your firm, you are then able to remove their login details.

Step 5 – Staff Member Profile Set-up
Staff members issued with individual login details are then able to set-up a personal profile, including personal contact details, personal clothing size details, and shipping address.

Group Ordering
Under a Master Password Login – your business can group order uniform pieces for multiple staff members centrally.

If your business has a Credit Account active with Valerie Travers, orders can be invoiced to that account. Or can be made by VISA, Mastercard or Electronic Funds Transfer on the spot.

Each order will be delivered to your business to enable your purchasing officer to distribute uniform items to staff. Multiple orders will be individually packed and identified.

Individual Staff Orders
Staff logging in under their personal Username & Password have the option to place their own orders and pay for purchases individually using VISA, Mastercard or Electronic Funds Transfer. Orders will be shipped to the address they choose.