• Qualified for “long service leave”, Dickie has attended work for over 20 years. He was originally housed in the workroom greeting staff and others, and his “bionic clock “would alert staff to tea and lunch breaks. At 4.30 pm he would call “see ya” as amused staff went home for the day, at which point he would climb down from his perch and walk into the showroom to the further amusement of clients and shop front staff. As Dickie has aged and “Valerie Travers” has expanded, his role is now more supervisory, and he shares Val’s office on a part time basis. Many clients ask where he is, and are delighted to see him if he is in when they call.

About us

Valerie Travers is a lady of amazing passion for life, unfading endurance and vision, plus a never ending desire to genuinely bend over backwards to help a client out of a bind.

It all started in the mid 1960s after a chance encounter visiting her husband Robert in hospital. Val started talking to a man in the next bed who was keen to sell his small business.

Although knowing nothing about the embroidery industry, she was inspired by his story. After securing a £14,000 loan to purchase the business, she set to work to learn the trade with his two existing staff using two old Singer Embroidery machines housed in an upstairs room.

For the next 15 years Valerie worked non-stop to build the business working 7 days a week. Val’s Friday shift alone often started at 7am and finished at 7am the next morning! Robert and Valerie’s kids were used to Mum bringing work home ... designs to be stencilled after the kids were tucked in bed.

Persistence certainly paid off! Only 18 months after purchasing the business, she’d repaid that original loan and was well on the way to expansion.

Today, over 40 years down the track, her desire to please customers, coupled with her savvy planning has seen the business grow drastically, including staff numbers, machinery, technology and the services offered on this website today.

The business now boasts over 3,000 square metres of embroidery, screen printing and manufacturing facilities, plus an instore shop for customers to browse popular ‘off-the-rack’ corporate and casual clothing choices, safety gear and promotional items.

Val works closely with her team to ensure they continue to learn from her experience, not only to maintain outstanding quality garment production, but also to treat customers like royalty. Close personal relationships have been built over many years with a massive range of clients – something Val continues to hold dear.

Customers arrive from right around Australia – all manner of small to large private businesses, government agencies, sporting groups and social clubs.

It is with great pride the Valerie Travers team now boasts having ‘won back’ many business contracts that used to be outsourced overseas! People who now trust Val’s guaranteed local Aussie product with high quality craftsmanship at competitive pricing and quick turnaround!

Range & Choice is another major winner. Valerie over the decades has built a magnificent relationship with an international stable of well known clothing labels you can see on this website. Clients can browse a terrific choice of styles, colours and features to purchase outright, or embroider / screen print with their corporate brand to make their uniforms their own.